Netscreen: How to determine memory utilization

When the firewall starts up, there is some memory pre-assigned to certain processes on the box. The percentage of memory utilization that is noticed in the Memory bar in the WebUI is calculated based on the amount allocated and the amount left, not on the total memory on the box.

For example, a 5GT has 128MB of total memory. But when you do a “get mem” it shows:

ns5gt-> get mem
 Memory: allocated 34687824, left 19223616, frag 187

The memory bar on the WebUI is basically calculated as a percentage of allocated / (allocated + left).

In this case it is percentage of 34687824 / (34687824 + 19223616).
=> which is (34687824 / 53911440) x 100 % = 64.34%

You can use the following commands to obtain additional performance and network statistic information on the firewall

get counter statget os taskget arpget route
get mip  (static IP mappings)
get dip  (dynamic IP mappings)
get system (shows system version and uptime)
get interface

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