NetScreen: Troubleshooting Memory Leaks

Capture the following command outputs normally every 24 hours.If critical, try to capture it every couple of hours. As a workaround, you can reboot the box. But if it is a memory leak as suspected, then you will run into this problem eventually.

Setup commands:  (just do the setup commands once only)

clear mem debug

set mem debug 10000

set mem pool_debug pki-ike 10000

— Every couple of hours ———

(repeat block of commands below)

get clock
get mem
get mem pool
get mem ipc
get mem chunk
get mem ker
get mem debug
get mem used
get os task
get net-pak
get net-pak s
get net-b


The output from the get commands can be very long. Set console page to 0 before beginning and capture/log ALL output.

The “set mem” commands will attempt to allocate memory for the debugs so running these commands will further reduce the available memory resources. So it is recommended to run these commands during off-peak hours. Once you have gathered the command outputs about 3 to 4 times say every couple of hours.

Once we know the root cause, we can decide on what precautionary steps can be taken to avoid this in the future. Most likely it will be a software patch that has protection for memory resources.


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