AWS: Compute

Compute Services address the computational needs of the users in the cloud. There are following features available under AWS Compute Services:

1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud or EC2:
a. Virutal computing environment ( VM instance)
b. Preconfigured template for instances (Amazon Machine Image AMI that package the operating system and various softwares),
c. Selection of different Operating System, Memory size, storage & networking capacity
d. Amazon EC2 can use feature of Auto-Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing between multiple instance of VM.

2. AWS Lamda:
a. Runs backend code in case of any event for example website click and manages the compute resources.

3. Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS):
a. It is container mangement service that supports docker container.
b. This feature allow you run application on managed cluster of EC2 instances.

Amazon Compute Services key benefits include:

a. Elasticity: Scale up and down the EC2 instances based on computing requirement.
b. Flexibility: Different CPU types, Operating Systems, Memory and Networking configuration for EC2.
c. Secure: Complete control of compute resouces for the customers to mangage themself.
d. Cost: Pay what you use.

Following types of EC2 instances available:

a. General Purpose M4
b. Compute Optimized C4 (high processing requirement)
c. Memory Optimized R3 (memory intensive applications)
d. Burstable performance T2
e. Graphics & GPU compute application GPU G2
f. Storage Optimized L2 (very fast SSD-backed instance storage)
g. Dense Storage D2 (High throughput & low price per disk)

Cost model for EC2 instances:

a. Dedicated: EC2 instances are lauched on dedicated customer hardware
b. On-Demand: Pay per hour. No long term contract.
c. Reserved: Pay-upfront for steady workflow. cheaper then On-Demand.
d. Spot: Bid for unused EC2 capacity, if you win you will get the EC2 instance.

4. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB):
Automatically distribute incoming traffic to multiple EC2 instances to achieve fault tolerance.

a. Works with Auto-Scaling feature of EC2 to add/remove instances based on scaling activities.
b. Health monitor of EC2 instances
c. Works with Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to network security features.


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